Friday, December 31, 2010

US home retrofit market will reach $35 billion by 2013

The President has called for more incentives for energy efficiency upgrades to our homes.

“We expect the market to continue to grow simply because energy efficiency will have the greatest impact at the least economic burden level to homeowners, says Shelley Carr, publisher of SBI Energy reports.

"The US home retrofit market will reach $35 billion by 2013, a 69 percent increase from 2008, according to SBI Energy, a market research company specializing in home energy. Specifically, the market for energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning retrofits is expected to grow from $3.1 billion in 2008 to $5.1 billion by 2013."

If 50 million of the 120 million buildings in the US were retrofitted over the next ten years, says Mr. Cooper, “that would have a tremendous impact on the structure and demand for electricity and natural gas.”

It's a 'win win.'

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30% Tax Credit Ends Dec 31 - 2011 Predicted to be BUSY Hurricane year

The 30% tax credit for window film installations (up to $1,500) runs out December 31, 2010. It does NOT appear that it will be extended in 2011 even if the new tax bill passes.

Early signs point to 2011 being an "active" Hurricane year. Don't count on us getting "lucky" again in 2011 like we did in 2010. In fact, 2010 clocked in as one of the hottest years on record - which means more solar heat next year and the potential of larger hurricanes from the excess heat building up in the Atlantic.

We have been busy doing last minute residential installations as well as some large commercial ones. Our "green" technology pays for itself in reduced energy consumption (up to 30%), meaning it can pay for itself in as little as 5 years.

The December winds are howling outside - a good reminder that every year we face the same threat of hurricane force winds for at least 6 months out of every year, year after year.

In fact, Prince Charles and Camilla could have used our film on their car - when the glass was broken by protesters they encountered recently in London. Our film kept a burglar from breaking into a single lady's house in Houston a mere 5 days after it was installed.

Are you prepared?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mexico Hotel Explosion - Flying Glass kills

Breaking news - there has been some kind of explosion at a Mexico hotel at Playa del Carmen (I've been there). Reports are that several people have been killed, quite possibly by flying glass.

We quote from the first report:

"Pete Travers is staying at the hotel with a group of Canadians from Waterloo, Ont. Travers, news director of 570 News Radio in Kitchener, Ont., said he heard a very loud crash and rushed out of his room to find the glass windows of a hotel restaurant had been blown out."

Read more:

Our security film with frame attachment would have deflected the blast wave, saving lives. It would also protect them for future hurricanes.

More on this as details come out..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tomas - 12th Hurricane of the Year - Coming to the Gulf

Surprise, surprise - you thought it was a SLOW season? Not so. We just got our 12th hurricane for the season - TOMAS, and its course looks like it has a good chance of coming down the "slot" and into the Gulf of Mexico in the next week. I've attached a video link to the Weather Channel report as of today.

And did you see the historic storm that hit the Midwest and Northeast last week? It was a record breaker - and its 24 tornadoes and hurricane-force winds blew out windows --which leads to structural blow outs once wind gets inside a building. Buildings are built to resist OUTSIDE wind pressure - but once a window blows and they get in, they out for a way out. The easy way is to go UP and pull your roof off.

We had a customer who is an engineer. He told me that he calculated that one hole in a window generated 50,000 lbs. of UPLIFT on the roof! That sounded like a serious amount of uplift to me!

The 30% tax credit for installing our security film (up to $1,500 of the cost of materials) expires December 31, 2010 - and don't count on a new Congress extending it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's now HURRICANE Richard..And Its Heading to the Gulf of Mexico

It's now HURRICANE Richard which is coming into the Gulf of Mexico. Predictions so far is that it will hit Mexico, but that would still put Texas on the wet, right side that has the biggest punch.

Stay alert. Hurricane Megi in the Pacific (they call them Typhoons or Cyclones) is raging at 160 mph winds! It's the biggest storm in over two decades - another sign of storms getting bigger and more dangerous.

Stay tuned and Get Prepared. We have over a month to go in this hurricane season, with October still feeling HOT. Then it will start all over again in 6 months! In the meantime, the burglars are working 24/7 and the Texas solar heat is just as relentless...

Friday, October 22, 2010

T.S Richard Next Stop - Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Richard, our 10th storm of the season, has popped up - and will be aiming at the Gulf of Mexico by the middle of next week according to the Weather Channel.

Definitely we are NOT out of the woods during this hurricane season.

Are you prepared?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30% Tax Credit on Window Film Runs Out Dec 31 2010

Under section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.), homeowners can receive a 30 percent credit on the costs of "qualified energy efficiency improvements," including Solar Gard solar control window film on windows, doors, and skylights. This tax credit applies only to improvements made to a primary residence from Jan. 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2010. These credits expire at the end of 2010.

A tax credit is generally more valuable than an equivalent tax deduction because a tax credit reduces your tax dollar-for-dollar, while a deduction only removes a percentage of the tax that is owed. If you can itemize energy-related purchases on your federal income tax form, it will lower the total amount of tax you owe the government.

Homeowners can receive a 30 percent credit on the cost of the window film, up to $1500. Installation costs do not apply, only the cost of the film. This credit is in addition to any previous credit used.

Eligible windows are double pane, with vinyl or wood frames...

Hurricane Test That Blew House Apart

A hurricane test of two houses with 100 high speed fans showed how one blew apart in less than 10 minutes - but the other survived because it had a stronger design that cost only $5,000.

This is similar to the finding in "Project Safe Windows" that determined wind-borne debris that breaches a window leads to structural failure and roof loss.

That is another reason why Armor Glass security film protects your home from violent storms...

Super Typhoon Bearing Down on China -155mph winds!

Super Typhoon (Hurricane) Megi just hit the Philippines with winds clocked at 155 mph - and is now heading towards China.

It is the biggest storm in over five years (on a scale similar to Rita and Katrina). This is another indication that our storms are getting more powerful.

Get prepared. Hurricane IKE was only a Cat 1! Imagine the damage if we really got a CAT2 or 3!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hurricane Paula Pounds Cuba

Yep, we've already reached the "P's" as in Hurricane Paula. You would never know from our beautiful blue skies over Texas that Hurricane Paula just pounded Cancun (just on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico) and went on to pound Cuba.

Hurricane season is alive and well - it won't officially end until Nov. 30. Then it picks up again June 1.

In the meantime 2010 is ranking in the top for one of the hottest years on record. Fortunately our Armor Glass film provides relief and protection from both solar heat and hurricanes - not to mention burglars who don't seem to have an off season.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Student Letter - Hurricane project for school

I received this email from a student yesterday --I have no idea how she heard about us but it was really cute, so I thought I'd share it:

"I have a school project and i have to fix up a house and make it hurricane ready and enviromentally friendly. I need to know how much the armor glass is that is hurricane resistant and helps save energy or whatever. I need to know this ASAP because tomorrow (Thurday, October 13, 2010) is the last day that i have to do this project. THANKS


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Testimonial Letter on Attempted Break in - Stopped by AG

We just got a testimonial letter from a customer who said that five (5) days after we installed our security film (clear) on some of her windows that someone tried to break in.

They failed. The interesting thing is that the "cure" time is normally 30 days - yet it still foiled the burglars.

The following is a subscription of her letter.

"On Friday, 9/24/2010, Armor Glass installed [security] film on several downstairs windows.

On the following Wednesday, 9/29.2010, an attempted break-in was made via the back kitchen window (which fortunately had the film).

The windows are double-pane. The exterior pane broke as regular glass and larger pieces were found on the ground below. The interior glass with the Armor Glass film was broken. However, the film tightly held all the fragments together.

The intruder tried to remove the glass for entry to the house, but after managing to open an area approximately 4" wide x 2" high at the bottonm of the window glass, he gave up the attempt and left the premises.

The double pane glass was replaced Monday 10/4/2010. It took the glass installation person about one hour to remove the broken glass (held by the film) from the frame.

The film is certainly a deterrent for attempted burglary.
Loretta P."

Imagine that was your house - would they have gotten in?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forcast: Wetter and Cooler - But Also More Tropical Storms

The weather is supposed to get wetter and cooler but the experts say that despite the cooler temperatures we could see a number of tropical storms rolling over the eastern and southern U.S.

Tropical storms can be as destructive as hurricanes - we had Tropical Storm Allison that flooded the entire city of Houston. It destroyed a lot of back up equipment that had been placed under ground level.

Even the storms lately are more powerful -- producing hurricane-force winds, like the one that recently hit New York. Winds were clocked up to 120 mph!

All it takes is a windborne debris hit on a window in high winds to breach the glass, causing interior damage (at the most inconvenient time) and risking roof loss and structural failure from the internal wind pressures. Then you get the mold and the costs are high. The inconvenience can last months.

But with our film, you just replace the glass, and the film, and you're back in business without interior damage or mold to deal with.

I feel protected because I've got Armor Glass security/hurricane film on my glass to avoid that prospect. But most people don't. And they remain vulnerable even when the hurricane season ends.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Record 3 Hurricanes in Atlantic: NY's 70 mph Storm

We have a record three hurricanes in the Atlantic - an event that has not happened since 1998.

That doesn't include KARL which is about to hit Mexico a second time. In the meantime, New York was hit last night by a violent storm that sheared trees in half and created hurricane force winds.

And our hurricane film was protecting a Chase Bank that was built in 2009 - we installed it on their large glass windows (some over 10' x 13') last October as it was being finished. We were told it was the first time security film had been used on Long Island.

If a tree branch hit any glass, our film would keep it from blowing a hole through it and destroying the interior. It is bonded to the frames with Dow 995, anchoring the film to the frames for maximum support.

Had a burglar tried to break in during the storm, it would also kept their crowbars from penetrating. All he would get is tired from pounding on the glass.

That is why Armor Glass exists - to "Armor Your Glass" with our hurricane/safety film, the same film installed on federal buildings in DC (including the Pentagon) after 9/11 because of its explosion protection.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

IGOR building, New depression in East Carribbean, etc

IGOR is growing and moving west. It is not getting much attention yet but keep an eye on it.

Perhaps a closer threat could be a tropical depression forming in the eastern Caribbean. We are seeing more of these "pop up" storms forming closer to the Gulf, or in the Gulf, giving less time to prepare and a greater chance of a hit in our area.

HERMINE, even though it wasn't a CAT 1, was still powerful enough to generate powerful lateral winds and rain squalls over 300 miles from its center. It also generates over 15 inches of rain in Central Texas.

Stay tuned. We aren't out of the woods for at least another month.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lessons from Hermine's Fury - As Her Rain Beats Against My Windows

Tropical Storm HERMINE is supposedly only a depression somewhere in Central Texas now, yet the rain is pelting my windows facing Clear Lake several hundred miles away.

HERMINE wasn't even a hurricane, yet it is unleashing powerful winds along with the 15" rains drowning Central Texas now. Every time I hear that pelting sound against the panes, I realize how much relief I feel, knowing that I put hurricane film on them as soon as I moved in. I can't imagine how awful it would be to have a breach from a debris strike in the middle of one of these storms.

HERMINE was a "pop up" storm - it went from depression to Tropical Storm in only a few HOURS. There was not the usual advance notice of an approaching storm. That meant a lot of people had to, once again, do the last time "boarding up" with plywood - at the last minute. A lot of people didn't have time to board up.

But our customer's didn't have to board up and they were still protected - with our 8 Mil solar hurricane film, which acts as "invisible shutters" while also cutting down on the fierce Texas solar heat.

We have more storms behind Hermine, rolling off the African coast like a hurricane assembly line. It won't end until November 30 and then starts up again June 1 - six months of every year. It's an annual threat that isn't going to stop. In fact, as the planet warms up the storms get stronger from the extra heat.

Scientists estimate that a 1 degree increase in the Atlantic water temperature could fuel more CAT 4 and 5 hurricanes instead of the 1 and 2's we have been getting. If that happens, our building codes aren't adequate to protect them from damage from these killers. Global warming also means more tornadoes which also hurl debris through windows, causing glass injuries and structural failure for the same reason discovered during Project Safe Windows in Florida.

Project Safe Windows was a study of the 2004 Hurricanes (four in one year!). It found that wind-borne debris breaching a window is what leads to roof loss and structural failure (not to mention internal damages). It certified a death by flying glass and discovered that houses which had security window film survived when houses next door without it were completely destroyed.

That is what Armor Glass hurricane film prevents. It is large missile certified. It is the same film chosen to protect DC federal buildings after 9/11. It also makes your house more burglar resistant.

Hermine is yet another warning that you should not wait to protect your most valuable asset - your home. It does the same for your office. We just put it on some homes in South Texas that took the brunt of Hermine the past couple days.

The rain is still beating against my windows, but it doesn't bother me. And when the blistering sun comes out, my Armor Glass shield will also cut it down to size, along with my electric bill.

Several more storms are rolling off the coast of Africa, including a huge one that could move far enough South to come into the Gulf of Mexico - these usually impact the entire U.S., just like IKE knocked out power all the way to Ohio.

Are you prepared?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HERMINE Packing a Punch all the Way to Houston

What's left of HERMINE is packing quite a punch even here in Houston which is hundreds of miles from its center, WOW, it must be kicking some butt in South Texas - where we installed our hurricane film on houses just a few weeks ago.

None of our customers -- from Harlingen to Houston -- had to rush around trying to find and nail up plywood.

HERMINE was a "pop up" storm, going from a depression to a tropical storm in just a few hours! Our customers didn't have to do a thing to prepare. Imagine the stress that everyone else felt! Either slap up plywood or go through the storm unprepared, risking internal damage if a window blows out!

We are on the right side, the WET side, the one that packs the biggest punch. The waves in Galveston are ROILING.

This should be another reminder why you need to install our hurricane film now. It also cuts the solar heat that has been blistering us all summer - we just had the hottest August ON RECORD!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Here Comes Hermine - Then Gaston!

Suddenly things are popping - out of nowhere Tropical Storm Hermine has developed in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be hitting close to houses we did this summer in Harlingen, Port O'Connor, etc.

And it appears that Gaston in the Atlantic is moving west and may turn into a hurricane. Mid_September is usually when we get most storms forming, but the season doesn't end until November 30 so we still have 3 months to go.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Danielle, Earl, Fiona etc - Storm season kicks off

Here they come! The peak of hurricane season is two weeks away and its starting to roll - Hurricane Danielle--a nasty Category 4-- is followed by Earl. But the train doesn't stop there. At least two more tropical waves behind them are rolling into the Atlantic off Africa's coast!

Danielle and Earl will probably move north because of a high pressure, but that is expected to change. When it does the Gulf of Mexico could see a major hurricane coming down the chute our way.

If they are anywhere like Danielle, we could be in major trouble.

This weekend is the five year anniversary of Katrina, a monster storm, which was followed by another monster --Rita-- which had 160 mph winds before it slowed and turned away from Houston and struck Beaumont.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Armor Glass TV Ad - How it Works

To see how our wonderful security film works, check out our new 30 second TV ad...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NASA Presentation on Terrorism & Breaking in the House Next Door

This week, in between doing a different installation every day, I will be giving a presentation to NASA on terrorism. It's a required program and the FBI guy who was going to do my part had a conflict, so they called me.

Why? Because of my background giving terrorism analysis before and after 9/11, including on Houston TV for the Houston Fox station and News 24 (which no longer exists). In the 1990's, I made a TV program on the potential of a terrorist attack on the U.S. My guest was a weapons expert from the Reagan administration. No one paid attention even though it ran on cable repeatedly.

Fortunately, they let me add to it. I can't talk about it, but the presentation is a far better product now then it was. I have been in the Middle East on international kidnapping cases and know what it's like.

It was this background that led to my founding Armor Glass - to actually provide security from threats instead of just talking about threats. After doing deals in over 50 countries, I've got a good idea what threats are real and what aren't.

I just got call from a guy representing a lady who lives next door to a house in a nice upscale neighborhood that was hit by burglars looking for cash (the man runs a storefront). They just knocked in the door glass with a hammer and it was easy entry.

Security from hurricanes, solar heat and burglars are the big three these days. Yet the same film would also protect from a bomb blast since it is explosion-rated.

The recent 98 degree solar radiation is another threat - to your wallet and energy costs. When I moved into a condo with bare glass facing south, I had to use it to cut 70% of the heat coming through single pane windows facing the lake. Otherwise the room baked. And there is no way anyone was going to put plywood on 3rd floor windows!

Stay tuned - the peak of hurricane season is not until mid-September. We are not out of the woods yet. According to experts on global climate, even a one half degree increase in the Atlantic ocean temperature would add enough additional fuel to future hurricanes that we could see more powerful storms as a result. Window breach by wind-borne debris is what leads to roof loss and structural failure -- not to mention internal water damages, mold, loss of antiques, computers, etc.

Are you prepared?

Monday, August 2, 2010

NASA Contractor to Try Armor Glass as a solution

Last week I got an unusual call from a company building components for the next generation of space vehicles for NASA.

The company is looking for a lighter material to provide protection in the event of an overload. They tried one product but it is too expensive and too heavy. As they worked one of them apparently said: "You know that Armor Glass security film we keep hearing about? Why don't we try that?"

I can't go into details and it may not prove to be a solution, but it could work out that a future mission will have Armor Glass film protecting some of the components, before and after they reach orbit. That would make us truly out of this world (couldn't resist a bad pun).

It is always fascinating what comes up in this business. If it isn't someone in the Turk Islands looking for an installation team, it's something like this.

In the meantime, we are heavily booked, mostly by normal mortals getting their houses protected.

It appears that "Colin" will not be a threat to the Gulf of Mexico but we haven't reached our peak for hurricanes. That will be mid-September. That's when IKE and Katrina hit.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Tropical Wave Forming in Atlantic

There are two more systems developing in the Atlantic - one is expected to grow into a tropical storm.

Both are low enough in latitude that one of them could pose a threat to the Gulf of Mexico. If a storm forms, it will be named "Colin."

In the meantime our crews are working flat out to install our hurricane/solar heat reducing security film. We are booked into late August and are working to add another experienced crew to meet demand.

Armor Glass will soon be sponsoring "The Global American" radio show starting August 7. The first program will cover human trafficking. Future programs will explore current issues that impact Americans and our neighbors. It will air at 9 a.m. on Business 1110 AM, August 7 and will be streamed on their website with a copy available at

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter to TX Senators on Window Film Credit

I am attaching a copy of a letter sent to our Texas Senators on a pending energy tax credit bill:

July 27, 2010

Hon. Kay Bailey Hutchison

284 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Via Fax 202 224-0776

Dear Senator Hutchison:

I am writing to request your support to include a window film tax credit in energy tax legislation that Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is crafting in Congress. As comprehensive energy legislation is further developed and ultimately considered in Congress, I strongly support the inclusion of language which would amend Section 25C(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code to expand the use of rational retrofit solutions (specifically, highly efficient window film) to improve the energy performance of many existing windows and doors.

Our film was installed on Washington DC federal buildings after 9/11 to provide blast protection, but they also serve a dual role of cutting cuts energy use and protecting homes and businesses from window breach by hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Our films would have avoided millions of dollars in damages to coastal buildings caused by Hurricane IKE. In fact, our film saved homes on Galveston Bay that had installed it before the storm.

On top of that, our films are carbon negative – they save more energy than it takes to produce them. While past legislation has limited the tax credit to the more efficient double-paned windows, it is needed on single-pane windows as well to “armor” them from solar heat and storms. It does the same for double-paned windows.

Even NASA astronauts have used our film in their homes instead of relying on outdated plywood.

As you know, the American economy has been in turmoil for quite some time now. With the unemployment rate hovering around 9.5 percent and a faltering economic recovery looming over our heads today, many individuals and small business owners in my community continue to struggle to make ends meet. Cutting their energy use helps America cut back on importing foreign oil. In addition, installing energy efficiency products like our film also creates new jobs.

I believe it’s now more important than ever for the federal government to create economic opportunities and incentives for our nation, ultimately stimulating the economy and fostering greater confidence amongst consumers and small businesses.

In fact, taking such action at the federal level to enact a new window film tax credit is a rational step forward that should be part of any discussion related to improving our economy. As a small business owner in Houston, Texas, a tax incentive for the window film industry would help

to create and sustain thousands of manufacturing and retrofitting jobs in both the commercial and residential building sector.

Meanwhile, American consumers – from Florida to Hawaii – would see direct benefit from such action, as they would be well-positioned and encouraged to install window film on existing glass - an affordable, effective energy saving solution that provides much needed hurricane protection that works 24/7 and costs a fraction of expensive shutters and impact glass.

Taking into account the important role window film serves in terms of benefiting the American workplace and securing a clean energy future, I remain hopeful you will act expeditiously to pass a window film tax credit this year. I cannot overstate how critical it is for our elected leaders to embrace policies that put our country back on a path to stability.

Thank you for your attention to this very important request and I look forward to hearing back from you on this matter.


Michael Fjetland, President

Armor Glass International, Inc.

Friday, July 23, 2010

NASA Astronauts Pick Armor Glass - Bonnie is Coming Our Way

What a great job this is.

One day I am talking to a NASA astronaut as our team is installing our hurricane film on his house - and getting to ask him about his experience flying the F-22 - and the next day I'm talking to a retired Space Station executive who tells me about dropping a piece of plywood on one of his sprinkler heads, causing a water gush.

What other job lets you do that? What other job lets you meet our cutting edge people and talk about the fascinating technology from plasma engines to the comparisons between the F-22 and F-35 latest fighters?

These are just a couple of our clients who have chosen to protect their homes and families with Armor Glass security films. Last week we were doing the same for a retired couple in Harlingen and a builder with a vacation home in Port O'Connor. A homeowner in Sugar Land tried to give his plywood away to my team as they were leaving - he said it was blocking his parking space in his garage. LOL.

What other job lets you do that? I love this job.

Armor Glass will be sponsoring a new radio program I will be announcing soon called "The Global American" on 1110 AM Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. starting August 7th.

The fierce rains of last night have given way to a sunny morning, which is deceptive because Tropical Storm "Bonnie" is heading our way.

It may or may not become a hurricane but it isanother reminder to "Get Prepared" and protect your house like our friends at NASA are doing...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Storm Coming Towards Gulf

We have a good chance of another depression getting into the Gulf of Mexico and heading our way. It could be here early next week.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get Solar Relief + Security as Temps Hit 100+

This past week the gauge on my car measuring outside temp gauge hit 111 degrees when I was on the West Loop! I feel like I'm being X-rayed when I walk outside. As summer bores on, people are burning up inside windows that act like magnifying glasses for the sun's rays. But solar film alone doesn't protect their windows from a breach during a hurricane or a burglar.

And plywood is so yesterday. One customer told me that he was pulling a heavy piece of plywood up a ladder, trying to get it on a second story window - and dropped it on one of his sprinkler heads. It broke and a stream of water shot high into the air. It sounded like a great commercial, except it wasn't funny when it happened to him.

The ideal solution is a film that provides both solar relief and security from window breach by wind borne debris in a hurricane - which leads to internal damages and roof uplift/loss.

As we get closer to the peak 2010 hurricane season (August-September), we have been traveling nonstop, showing and installing our solar+security film to beat the heat and retire the plywood for hurricane protection.

Often, air conditioners cannot cope without the help from our film, which cuts 50-70% of the solar heat coming through the glass. That's 50 to 70% less heat your a/c has to air condition.

It is so much better than the other choices - solar screens are not impact resistant, shutters cost ten times more, and so on. It remains the best solution at the least cost - and it even screens out harmful UV (99%).

We have installations booked solid into August. Hurricane Alex has been our only close call so far, but there is plenty of time for more storms to head our way.

Remember IKE? Prepare now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burglaries & Hurricane Season 2010 vs 2005

The Weather Channel has an interesting story comparing hurricane season 2010 with the very active 2005 that brought us Rita, Katrina, etc.

The bottom line? That we are behind the number of storms that we had at this time in 2005 but that the peak doesn't come until late August. And they also say that in 2004 nothing happened until August - then all hell broke loose with four major hurricanes that hit Florida.

The Houston Chronicle had an article today about burglaries - one happens every 30 minutes in Houston. They recommend making your windows impact resistant (or replacing them).

So, get prepared. We are not out of the woods yet. The HEAT is back after a couple weeks of rain. Our security film cuts it dramatically.

We are really busy - going to South Texas next week for a couple installations. Every day is a new day. I love this job!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Tropical Wave Forming in Caribbean - Bonnie?

A second tropical wave is forming in the vicinity that led to the formation of Hurricane Alex. If it grows into a storm it will probably not happen until it is in the southern Gulf of Mexico. If it becomes a storm it will be "Bonnie."

The problem with this kind of storm is that the preparation time is so much shorter from formation to impact. Remember Humberto in 2007? It went from zero to a hurricane in just 24-hours!

Keep an eye on this thing. The past week Alex dumped rained like crazy as we worked our way through scheduled installations. One day we had to do a third story window from the outside because access was blocked on the inside (it was in an attic). So we had to rent a 40-foot ladder and the guys went up in the rain and did it. Luckily there was no real lightning but we were soaking wet before the day ended.

That's one less person who needs to mess with plywood, especially since he had three floors of windows to cover!

I love this job! Get yourself prepared for more storms. The season is early and already active.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working 24/7 - Green Security Technology Rocks!

We are being deluged with emails and calls from people wanting to get a quote so they can throw away the plywood, save on their energy bill and get some solar heat and burglary protection at the same time.

We are booking well into July - my office is on the road every day. Our focus is local because of the huge need, but we travel nationally. People need security for their weakest link -their windows- everywhere.

Green Security Technology Rocks!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurricane ALEX & NASA's Low Tech Hurricane procedure

The bad news is that Alex has become one of our earliest seasonal storms in 2010. It is now a CAT 1 hurricane that may become a CAT 2 before landfall.

The good news is that most of the target zone appears to be in northern Mexico, but Texas is still in line to get the "right punch" or the "wet" side of the storm.

Do you know what the current procedure is for NASA during a hurricane? It's simple. Any office that has an office and a computer - a garbage bag is placed over the computer. Yep. That's the procedure. Ask any NASA employee for verification.

I was watching the TV video of people in South Texas driving nails and screws into their houses for plywood. Boarding up windows is as yesterday as using a garbage bag to protect a computer in the event the windows blow in, damaging files and causing massive water damage.

I am trying to protect NASA and Texans with more advanced technology, not insult them. But the sad truth is that Texas still lags Florida in adopting newer hurricane technology like security window film which we call "invisible shutters."

Armor Glass is providing 21st century hurricane technology that lets you forget the plywood and the garbage bags. And it saves energy and cuts out cancer causing UV at the same time. Garbage bags and plywood don't do that.

Check it out on our website at BEFORE the next Alex comes our way...we will inspect your windows, show you the film choices and provide a free quote. Just email us to check out this technology that protects from burglars as well as solar heat and hurricanes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex: Target Mexico and South Texas

It appears that ALEX is back to being a tropical storm and is predicted to be a hurricane by late this week - hitting Mexico or South Texas.

We have installations set for Harlingen but not until the storm passes. In the meantime a lot of people will be having to do that nuisance job of boarding up - except our customers who have 24/7 protection and don't have to do a thing.

Standby for updates. The good news is that ALEX will miss the eastern Gulf of Mexico which would have required suspending oil clean up efforts. There are new technologies that could help in that effort IF they are employed.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Tropical disturbance - Signs of organization

The tropical disturbance in the Caribbean is showing signs of getting organized and will be dumping heavy rain on places like the Cayman Islands, Cuba, etc.

It is still "in the slot" that could bring it into the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm by the time we are starting the 4th of July weekend.

Our crews are booked up to the end of July already.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Healthy Tropical Disturbance Roams the Caribbean

Our first Atlantic tropical wave of 2010 that could affect the Gulf of Mexico has formed.

Although it is too early to tell what it might do, it is in that "slot" that puts us on the potential receiving end if it does form into something like a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

We are booked solid on Armor Glass security film installations for the next 2-3 weeks. If this does become a storm, all hell is going to break loose: A hurricane threat means a lot of people will be scrambling to find and nail plywood on their houses.

But not our customers. They already have "invisible shutters" installed -- our security film. And its saving them energy (i.e. money) and protecting from break-ins at the same time they wait on the inevitable storm...The 2004 "Project Safe Windows" study of the Florida hurricanes determined that a window breach from wind-borne debris leads to roof uplift. Internal wind pressure destabilizes a house during a storm. Our film prevents that breach (up to the large missile size--4.5 lbs) even if the window is broken.

This is just the beginning of hurricane season. It won't peak until mid-September - and doesn't end until November 30, so it's early.

Are you prepared?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Solar Charger --Charge Your Phone From the Sun After a Storm

Armor Glass had several reps at the Hurricane show at the George R Brown convention center Saturday.

An exhibitor in a booth near us was selling this solar charger (left). I tried it today and it charged up my Blackberry in no time, just from the sun! I didn't even have to put it near a window.

I highly recommend people get one of these as a way of charging your phone, iPad, even laptop when the next storm knocks our electricity. Put it in your hurricane emergency kit.

A company called Amzer in Sugar Land is selling them for about $70. Check it out at: or I was using my car to charge up the phone after IKE but this is much better and requires no gas!

My car was reading 97 degrees today!

Armor Glass Security tint beats the heat and lets you throw away the plywood at the same time!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

12-hour Days - Booked into July and Calls Keep Coming In

"Wow, it is so much COOLER in here!" That was the comment I kept hearing the past few days as our crew methodically covered their existing glass with our film. Not only does it cool the houses, it also eliminates the need to plywood the windows during future storms.

Photo 1: Notice the BTU reading of 110 - heat coming through the glass BEFORE we cut 70% of it by installing our security tint.

Photo 2:

Notice the GLARE on the bare glass pane on the LEFT window pane versus the nice crisp look of our hurricane security tint film on the RIGHT window, which cut the solar heat coming in by 70%!

"Wow, it is so much COOLER in here!" That was the comment I kept hearing the past few days as our crew methodically covered their existing glass with our film. Not only does it cool the houses, it also eliminates the need to plywood the windows during future storms.

We have daily installations scheduled and it is making for LONG days. I have been getting in at 8 or 9 p.m. from places like Galveston, Pasadena, South Texas, etc.

People are realizing that they get a "3 for 1" with our security film: Energy savings, solar heat relief and hurricane protection - all at the same time and for a fraction of impact glass or shutters.

Open shutters and fabric sitting in your garage doesn't screen out UV 24/7 or block entry to burglars used to easily knocking out glass. Our security film does. And it looks so much nicer than those ugly fabric things people have to hang on their windows from the outside, even if they have a two-story house!

We are already booked solid into mid-July. September 10 is the peak of the Hurricane season. It's hurricane season. Get yourself a free quote from one of our sales reps and get on the installation list, before the next storm comes - and save energy and get solar relief immediately.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Disturbance Watched in Atlantic

A new disturbance is being watched in the Atlantic. We quote from the report:

" a tropical wave is located about 800 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and is showing signs of organization. It is far enough south that it is moving over relatively warm waters and upper level conditions appear to be somewhat favorable for development. While it would be unusual for this system to become a tropical storm east of the Lesser Antilles (it is forecast to reach them towards the end of the week, whether it's a tropical wave or more), it is not unprecedented. Tropical Storm Ana in 1979 first became a depression near where this system is located now."

Stay tuned -

Friday, June 11, 2010

Backlog Builds!

Our backlog is building up fast. We are now into booking installations of our hurricane-solar combo film in the 3rd and 4th week of June.

The HEAT is already intense and this is just early June! Most of our customers are going for the joint solar-security film. Some even want the Silver that rejects 79% of the heat, mirror effect or not. Others are picking either the Clear or our stainless film that is guaranteed to work with double paned windows.

We have a Sales Rep! His name is Jay and he used to sell windows - until he show our film sample taped to a customer's window. The new windows were going to cost $11,000 for that house. The quote for our film was $4,000! He told them to buy the security film - then he called and said he'd rather sell our film than windows! I gave him a job and he's selling three out of every four houses he visits.

Even if the customer had bought the new windows, they would still have to put our film on them to make them impact resistant! Two panes of glass do not make them impact windows - it only means that the debris or burglar breaks two panes instead of one to enter your premises.

The great thing is that our film "Armors Your Glass" whether it is single pane or double pane, and rejects from 50% to 79% of the solar heat coming through your glass, and 99% of the harmful UV that causes fading and skin cancer.

All of this for a fraction of the cost of shutters and you never have to put up plywood again!

Armor Glass films are a win-win-win.

Monday, June 7, 2010

IRI's hurricane forecast probabilities are the strongest the institution has ever issued at this point

The following is copied from source Climate-L:

"Dear Climate-L readers:

The Atlantic hurricane season has officially started, and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society has issued its updated seasonal hurricane forecast for the region. The results continue to indicate that an above-normal season is very likely....

The IRI's hurricane forecast probabilities are the strongest the institution has ever issued at this point in the season, eclipsed only by a late-season forecast during record-setting 2005. The latest numbers call for a 50% chance of above-normal activity, 35% chance of near-normal activity and a 15% chance for below-normal activity. Put in simpler terms, this means that the chance of having an above-normal year is more than three times the chance of having a below-normal one.

The hurricane forecast issued last week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is even stronger, calling for an 85% chance of an above-normal season.

Although the forecast calls for an active season, this doesn't guarantee that devastation will occur. The seasonal forecasts don't tell us where, when or if the hurricanes will hit land. They just tell us that we'll likely see more of them this season, increasing the odds that some inhabited areas will get hit.

Because of the potentially destructive nature of hurricanes and tropical storms, the higher odds are a cause for concern...You can read the rest of this story here:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's HURRICANE season officially

It's HURRICANE season officially. It's going to be an 18-hour day, and may stay that way until fall.

Agatha killed over 150 in Central America.

Busy season forecast ahead. Few are prepared for it. Time is not your friend until the season ends November 30.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Pacific Tropical Storm of the Season Forms

The first Pacific tropical storm has formed and will hit parts of Mexico and Central America...Tropical Storm Agatha.

And we haven't even reached the official starting date for Hurricane season - June 1!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forecast: Up to 14 Hurricanes in 2010

It's out - the 2010 Hurricane Forecast - up to 14 storms are predicted (after Zero action last year).

We are already working 24/7 to keep up with demand. Even shipping export orders, which creates jobs here.

I don't even have time to keep up the blog it has been so busy...Do you REALLY want to lug plywood again this year? It's so old tech, and HEAVY.

Going to security window film is such an upgrade - being prepared 24/7 versus having zero protection and lugging heavy wood up and down, up and down...!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scientists: Warmer Ocean Means More CAT 4, CAT 5 Hurricanes

After an all day hurricane conference on the tip of Texas (in McAllen), I was too tired to move, so I watched a NOVA program on hurricanes.

I learned that even a 1/2 degree increase in the ocean temperature adds enough fuel to generate more CAT 4, CAT 5 storms. This year the Atlantic Ocean waters, the breeding grounds of our hurricanes, are the hottest on record.

Second, hurricane activity goes through cycles. It varies from a "slow" cycle lasting 15-20 years to an active one that also lasts 15-20 years.

Starting in 1995 we entered an "active" cycle -- which will last for the next 10 to 15 years according to the experts. Combined with warmed oceans we could be in for some major pounding from future storms. Consider this: IKE was only a Category 2!

Our building codes will need to be upgraded big time.\! Time to "Armor Your Glass" - the weakest link of any building.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Armoring My Van In McAllen - With Blast rated Film!

3:30 p.m. McAllen, TX.

It’s HOT again. I went to the McAllen Convention center this morning at 9. They were just opening the doors. Very little rain has been falling from what people have told me. It was 94 degrees today - and will be in the mid-90's all week!

McAllen is a Beautiful city and has a beautiful convention center. I set up the booth and then did something I've never done. I started putting Armor Glass 8 mm security film on my own van -- right then and there. I wanted to "Armor its Glass" -- because of the proximity of Reynosa!

Normally this 8 mm life saving stuff goes on houses and buildings so you can throw away the plywood, not cars!! But they use a very thin film on cars --(2 mm or even a 1.5 mm). I wanted a THICK 8 mm film on mine! Basically I was putting on the same film on my van that was used on the DC federal buildings after 9/11.

I got a little too engrossed in the installation. I heard something and realized that they were about to box me in with fire trucks and tents and exhibit vehicles! I got out fast and pulled under a small tree in the parking lot --and finished putting CLEAR 8 mm security film on the inside van windows--to stop more ‘smash and grabs’ like what happened to my GPS after I first got the Montana (if I'd known then how fickle TomTom was, I would not have missed it so much).

Coming to the increasingly wild west border made me quit stalling and get into action mode on my own vehicle--armoring its weakest link, its glass.

Normally you can't put something as thick as 8 mm on a car - car tint is usually 2 mm or LESS. But I wanted SECURITY film not just flimsy solar film on my personal vehicle. When car glass gets struck with a hammer, etc., it wants to break into a thousand small pieces that normally fall in -- and pile up on your car seat --while the thief is grabbing and going.

But with the 8 mm film on the (inside) car windows, the film --and its adhesive-- will bond the small pieces together, forming a barrier to penetration - versus none (which is what everyone has.) It will definitely be a game changer from the usual "hit the glass, grab and run."

The guy who put in my replacement car window said that he was busy replacing car windows because people leave computers or valuables in view in the car (like my GPS) -- and in 10 seconds even a poor thief with anything hard can smash the glass, reach in, grab the item -- and be gone. All in 10 seconds - UNLESS there is a barrier. Armor Glass security film provides that barrier.

The same film is actually bomb blast rated film. Although I don't expect to need it, it is still nice to know it comes with it! Whoa! I just saw a local TV news item about someone leaving a "homemade bomb" in the middle of a street in McAllen. No kidding! Well, maybe we'll need that bomb blast protection after all....! Holy smokes.

It went on fairly well today, considering that I had to do a first-ever car install without my crew (who do buildings, not cars.) I finished by noon. When I looked down the front of my Armor Glass shirt was soaking wet.

So I broke for lunch, then went by HEB to pick up some wine and a frozen dinner for the room microwave!

We are facing an 'above-normal' hurricane season. Get your house prepared before it comes. Doing that will give you a bonus 24/7 'smash and grab' protection for your house (with or without the wine). I can't tell you how many people are reporting bricks thrown through their glass by burglars.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Official: Pakistan Taliban Behind NYC Car Bomb Plot

It's official: It was the Pakistan Taliban who were behind the New York Times Square car bomb attempt.

While allied with Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Taliban are totally separate. This opens up a new threat of Pakistan militants moving beyond Pakistan to directly hit targets in the U.S. And to do it they are recruiting U.S. citizens who have been "radicalized."

It also means that the next target could be any city or state, a synagogue, a sporting, any downtown, medical center - anywhere in the U.S.

Hundreds of people would have been injured or killed by flying glass if the NYC car bomb had gone off.

In addition to that threat, in less than three weeks the 2010 hurricane season begins - and runs until November 30.

But if you are prepared you don't have to worry as much. Your best offense is installing a good defense - hardening your building's glass with certified, blast-rated, security window film.

It costs nothing to get a quote. It could cost you quite a lot not to get one...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Firebomb Deaths in Greece Bank - Armor Glass Would Have Prevented the Fire & Deadly Result

Greece Firebombs Today, Here Tomorrow?

During riots today in Greece, protesters threw a firebomb threw a plate glass window of a bank, and burned to death three people including a pregnant woman.

Armor Glass would have prevented the firebomb from entering the building. It would have saved three lives -- had it been installed on the bank's glass before this incident.

If a car bomb or firebomb was thrown in any city at any building's glass, the result would be the same UNLESS they had protected their building with Armor Glass Security film beforehand...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NY Car Bomb - Pakistan link?

Had a 19-hour day yesterday - and starting again early this morning. Yikes!

It now appears we may have a Pakistan link to the NY bombing. They picked up a guy who was already on an international flight taxing out (IF he is part of the plot). That means civilians are the target, so anywhere could be next.

And hurricane season is less than 30 days away.

Like the scouts say "be prepared." Get your location hardened - BEFORE there is flying glass.

It makes the difference between living and not, or property damage or not.

Monday, May 3, 2010

NY Car Bomb - Not Al Qaida - Which Makes it Worse

Video just released in New York show that the driver of a SUV that contained makings for a car bomb was a "middle-aged white man. "

This means that it was NOT the work of Al Qaida. Instead it could be a Tim McVeigh 'wannabe' - a domestic terrorist.

That makes the threat MORE dangerous because the target could be anything, anywhere - Times Square today or the corporate offices of an oil company or bank or a hospital tomorrow - who knows.

"last year four New Yorkers went on trial accused of plotting to bomb synagogues in the city and fire missiles at military aircraft."

Bottom line: Security protection is needed more than ever. Today we have a toxic political climate that has started to set off the fringe nut cases.

Be prepared! While this bombing was not successful, the next one could be.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Car Bomb Comes to America - What Now?

It was a matter of time but the car bomb has come to America.

The smoking SUV found in Times Square packed with gasoline, propane tanks and wires opens a new era. This is different from the Tim McVeigh truck bomb in Oklahoma --this one targeted civilians, not a federal facility.

Had it detonated people would have been killed in two ways: some by the direct blast but many more who would have been killed or injured by flying glass shrapnel as they sat in cafes and stores around the blast area .

We got lucky on this one but it won't be the last attempt. I guarantee we need to "armor our glass" to avoid more people being killed from flying glass than by the explosion itself.

Last week I talked to a man from Northern Ireland who told me that when the IRA was setting off car bombs in the 70's that they started using security window film at that time -- because of the danger of flying glass.

Our security films are explosion-rated, as you can see from the 2 minute video on our website at

Every store owner should have it installed -- not only to protect from a future car bomb but also to protect from "smash and grab" crimes, hurricanes, etc.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check out this killer - the Yazoo, MS tornado.

Check out this killer - the Yazoo, MS tornado.

Chances are the tornado would level anything in its path but tornadoes also skip around and throw debris. It's the flying debris that breaks windows -- allowing air to rush in and blow off the roof. Keeping out the air, and keeping glass from flying around as shrapnel if there is a breach, is critical.

I measured a house in Friendswood that was hit by a freak tornado a few years ago. The wife was trying to open a door but the pressure held it shut. When they finally got it open, glass shards were embedded in the door and walls! If she had opened the door she would have been killed by flying glass.

In that case our security window film would have prevented "death by a thousand glass shards." Even if the window is blown out, the glass would be held as one piece by the film -- instead of flying around like thousands of knives.

It's certainly better than nothing on dangerous, plain glass!

Monday, April 12, 2010

From 100 BTU to 11 - Solar Security Film Makes All the Difference

Yesterday, with some help, we finished the Atrium ceiling for our Armor Glass pro bono project of the year - for a lady with MS who had an atrium so hot that it threatened her birds in her aviary - yet it cost $1,000 to air condition it.

Watch the BTU meter change from the solar heat reading from clear, plain glass (100 BTU) to that same glass covered with our Silver 20 security film (11 BTU) - reflecting back over 80% of the solar heat and keeping the heat off the glass. And consider that this heat is mid-April heat, not July-August heat! Yet it still dropped the solar heat over 80%! The video is proof.

The old film was not security film and actually held the heat on the glass, making the room even hotter.

With our security solar, the owner is protected from both a breach of the glass by hurricane-force winds or solar heat beating down.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bomb Damages U.S. Consulate in Mexico

Yesterday, a bomb was thrown at the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico "breaking windows and startling employees inside but causing no injuries"...

Last week a car bomb was used against the US Consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Our security film is GSA 3a/3b blast-rated. So it not only protects from burglars and hurricanes, it can keep you safe during an explosion (such as a plant blowing up or a bomb being thrown).

Armor Glass Security Film - "Don't leave home without it."