Monday, May 3, 2010

NY Car Bomb - Not Al Qaida - Which Makes it Worse

Video just released in New York show that the driver of a SUV that contained makings for a car bomb was a "middle-aged white man. "

This means that it was NOT the work of Al Qaida. Instead it could be a Tim McVeigh 'wannabe' - a domestic terrorist.

That makes the threat MORE dangerous because the target could be anything, anywhere - Times Square today or the corporate offices of an oil company or bank or a hospital tomorrow - who knows.

"last year four New Yorkers went on trial accused of plotting to bomb synagogues in the city and fire missiles at military aircraft."

Bottom line: Security protection is needed more than ever. Today we have a toxic political climate that has started to set off the fringe nut cases.

Be prepared! While this bombing was not successful, the next one could be.

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