Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Car Bomb Comes to America - What Now?

It was a matter of time but the car bomb has come to America.

The smoking SUV found in Times Square packed with gasoline, propane tanks and wires opens a new era. This is different from the Tim McVeigh truck bomb in Oklahoma --this one targeted civilians, not a federal facility.

Had it detonated people would have been killed in two ways: some by the direct blast but many more who would have been killed or injured by flying glass shrapnel as they sat in cafes and stores around the blast area .

We got lucky on this one but it won't be the last attempt. I guarantee we need to "armor our glass" to avoid more people being killed from flying glass than by the explosion itself.

Last week I talked to a man from Northern Ireland who told me that when the IRA was setting off car bombs in the 70's that they started using security window film at that time -- because of the danger of flying glass.

Our security films are explosion-rated, as you can see from the 2 minute video on our website at

Every store owner should have it installed -- not only to protect from a future car bomb but also to protect from "smash and grab" crimes, hurricanes, etc.

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