Thursday, January 24, 2013

Narrating a PowerPoint on Security Window Film

Spent last 5 hours narrating a PowerPoint presentation for architects on security film technology.  Once done you click "create video" it takes the computer hours to convert it to a video of  the presentation.

Then I upload it to youTube and "viola!" It probably took 20 hours or more to produce the presentation before sitting down to do the narration.

 The Internet is so Cool. It's the first time we can efficiently convey information en mas we never could before. Instead of giving the same talk to 10- 20 people over and over, now I can tape it once (actually more than one take on some slides) and let the video convey it a thousand times more efficiently to people one could never find otherwise.

I am so glad i lived long enough to be part of the computer age!

I will add a link to it as soon as it is processed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stopping a Shooter or Hurricane Force Winds: Armor Glass

Unprotected glass takes less than two seconds to break and enter! 

Armor Glass Security Film could have helped prevent the Sandy shooter from blowing out the glass to enter the building. Bullet holes are too small for someone to crawl through. Our Armor film would have delayed the shooter’s entry and provided needed time until police arrived, while the shooter is still outside and visible.  

Our Armor Security Tint would also let the staff inside the Sandy Hook school building see the shooter approach, but he would not be able to see them inside (during daylight hours). That is another valuable edge – not to mention that it would cut their yearly power bill from solar heat. We’ve put it on courthouses for hurricane and solar heat relief. But it also provides that one way mirror affect that helps the occupants. 

If shot, Armor Glass security film, which is held to the large frames with our bonding sealant would stay in place -- and take enough bullets to start looking like Swiss cheese.  It would still prevent entry until a hole big enough for a man to crawl through was created. 

Armor Glass Security film would have given the students and staff at Sandy Hook valuable time they did not have.  It could have given them enough time for the police to arrive and confront the shooter still trying to enter the building.

Many architects and do not yet know about Security Window Film so we at Armor Glass have been working to introduce them to a superior, yet less expensive way to “armor their glass’ to protect their weakest link –their windows. Windows are as easily  breached by BIGGER Storms with hurricane-force winds like Sandy that are becoming “normal” in this warming world. 

Armor Glass security film protects from burglar break ins at the same time. It cuts the blistering heat up to 79%. If you only cut 50% that means that you have cool with air conditioning only half the heat! That saves energy, making it something that pays for itself, which is pretty darn rare these days.
Glass is the weakest link of every building. Even a small bird flying into it can break it. A dog or a child can fall into it and easily break it and get hurt (I’ve seen too many reports of this happening). It takes a burglar less than two seconds to break through it. They are in and out in less than three minutes. 

ALL glass buildings are equally vulnerable. 

All people live in a 24/7/365 world that is less secure until we protect our weakest link.

Regular tinting is not rated for hurricane force winds - it only blocks the sun. People and debris can still break through cheap tint -- and into your house, business, etc.  It is usually 2 mil or less –VERY THIN and NOT CERTIFIED to keep storm debris from blowing in your windows, causing the roof to blow off and walls to collapse. It won’t protect from a burglar or a shooter either.

Armor Glass Security Film IS rated for hurricane force winds, even explosions. It IS CERTIFIED. It HAS kept burglars out - saving at least one woman the pain of finding her home ransacked and her valuables taken. Details on our Armor Glass blog.

In this ever more unpredictable 21st century we have to harden our buildings to adjust for the increased risks to every buildings' weakest link, its glass.  Armor Glass Green Plus Security (Green+Security) film does that.  To protect your family and property, get the best.
I say that not just as the owner of a security film company, but as a former TV Terrorism Expert (during/after 9/11). It’s why I founded the company.

On behalf of our growing network of sales reps and installers who are available nationally, we look forward to working with you. Details at or click “Follow” here or at our blog.
Michael Fjetland
President, Armor Glass International, Inc.