Friday, December 5, 2014

Yet Another Super Typhoon in the Pacific 180 mph!

Who said hurricane season was over? Not in the Pacific, where Super Typhoon "Hagupit" is bearing down on the Phillippines.

"On Wednesday night U.S. East Coast time, JTWC estimated Hagupit's maximum sustained 1-minute wind speed at 180 mph, putting it in a tie with Super Typhoons Vongfong and Nuri in October as the most powerful typhoon of 2014."

In other words, a series of record setting typhoons (hurricanes) are sweeping the Pacific Ocean even beyond the normal hurricane season. It's due to the excessive heat in the ocean.

If the Atlantic gets as hot as the Pacific this is a warning for us to "to prepared."  The last Super Typhoon killed over 7,000 people in the Philippines. 

How do hurricanes/typhoons destroy homes? Find out in our new Free, Ebook, Houses of Straw.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Armor Glass releases new EBook - Houses of Straw

After a year of effort, Armor Glass has released a new EBook "Houses of Straw, Houses of Wood" which gives readers a more detailed look into our technology and how it works.

It is illustrated with photos and data from eight years of experience with our clients. It is FREE so check it out today!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Polar Vortex - Caused by Pacific Super Typhoon

Most people don't know but the Polar Vortex covering the United States right now - setting early snowfall and temperature records -- resulted from a PACIFIC Super Typhoon that hit Japan before it swept across the Pacific Ocean.

When it hit Alaska, the Super-Typhoon (NURI) was so powerful that it forced the normal artic jet stream far south - bringing arctic cold further than normal. It was 800 miles across!

Case in point, yesterday it was colder in DALLAS than many cites in ALASKA!  Weird? Yes, very weird.

Super-Typhoon's are becoming the "new normal" - this one clocked winds over 185 miles per hour at one point!  It was actually stronger than "Super Storm Sandy" that hit the northeast coast a couple years ago, which itself was a freak event.

2014 has been record year of "super storms" most of which stayed in the Pacific since it was hotter than the Atlantic.  The question is what will happen when the Atlantic waters are as hot as the Pacific's?

Instead of Super-Typhoon's the USA ended up with its own freak storms this year. Here is one I found quoted:

"Horrific summertime Derecho has already caused massive baseball size hail in Omaha,NE yesterday . The really problem begins today for the Northeast U.S. The huge storm marches across into the Mid Atlantic and Washington D.C and Eventually into New York City home to over 25 million people."

Here is another:

"Derecheo Northwest Indiana and began carving a path of destruction over 600 miles long. Winds approaching 100 miles per hour were reported during the most intense part of the event (between Fort Wayne, IN and Columbus, OH.) At the peak of the event, the Fort Wayne International Airport observing equipment observed a peak wind gust of 91 mph, and the observer reported seeing a downburst descend from the cloud directly ahead of him.  Winds were as strong as an EF-1 tornado over a widespread area which resulted in immense damage along the storm's entire path into the Northeast U.S".  

Notice the trend? BIGGER storms, hurricane force winds without the hurricane - all attacking your weakest link, the windows. It is window failure that leads to structural collapse.

Be prepared. Armor your weakest link. The storms will not be getting any smaller, or less damagin. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pacific Ocean is knocking out world records on wind speeds - our Day is Coming

S. Padre Island - No signs of ISIS, Ebola or Rick Perry.

This is my Dash cam video going over the bridge to South Padre Island (SPI) today - about 1 minute.
 You can see the line of buildings as the bridge CURVES. Yep, i would not be fool enough to try to video that while driving. It looked like an awful LONG way to swim if I dunked the van in the drink. This is the bridge that collapsed some years ago, i think it was hit by a barge. This is  the stronger replacement.

I have not seen this SPI area in some years. It is beautiful! Families were hanging out. All very relaxed.

And vulnerable if a storm hits...Towering buildings line the beach as far as I can see.

I'm here for work but tonight is Free Time--so my first stop was checking out the beach! There is something about the waves and sound of the ocean that connects to being a human, and is so relaxing. Sleeping next to it, if you can, is heaven. No sleeping pill can touch it.

When I stand and look out into the Gulf I think, "It's the gateway to the seven seas and the world."

Its dark now and I have yet another book to write!  Time for a fiction one. Sizzling global romance piece of rubbish everyone will love because its absolute rubbish! lol. No movie entitled "Deep Thought" ever generated a blockbuster.

I am on the run with constant travel the next few weeks. Got people to protect!

The Pacific Ocean is knocking out world records on wind speeds (CAT 4 and CAT 5 hitting India, Japan, China etc. --winds over 200 miles per hour and historic speeds. Meanwhile, everyone here is asleep and are dreaming of TV farce instead of "Ike Dikes" -- and probably won't wake up until it's our turn to feel nature's wrath. Next time it will be with globally warmed super storm strength when the Atlantic waters are as hot as the Pacific's is this year.

Houses of Straw, yep. We got em everywhere! But some are seeing the light. And that is keeping me on the run. Cue the Bruce Springsteen "Running down the highway"

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Disturbance moving into Gulf of Mexico

There is a new disturbance moving into the Gulf of Mexico. There is a "moderate" chance it will turn into a named storm.

The Pacific Ocean has been hotter than the Atlantic ocean this year. As a result the storms have been historic in size - CAT 5 and 200 mile per hour winds are bearing down on Japan right now. However, the winds are predicted to slow to about 125 mph by the time it makes landfall.

Hurricanes started in the Pacific this year a week BEFORE hurricane season officially begins on June 1.  According to Wikipedia:

"The season began with an active start, with three tropical cyclones developing before June 15, including two Category 4 hurricanes, of which one became the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in May in the East Pacific. After a less active period in late June and early July, activity once again picked up in August. The active season resulted in numerous records, including Hurricane Amanda, the strongest May hurricane on record, Hurricane Iselle, the strongest tropical cyclone on record to strike the Big Island of Hawaii, Hurricane Marie, the first Category 5 Pacific hurricane since Hurricane Celia in 2010, and Hurricane Odile, the most destructive tropical cyclone of the season and the most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall over the Baja California peninsula. Also, Hurricane Simon became the eighth major hurricane in the Pacific east of 140°W, tying the record held by the 19831992 and 1993 seasons."

Stay tuned and be prepared.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Storming Brewing - Follow for updates

We have  a tropical disturbance heading for the Gulf of Mexico. Follow our blog for updates:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

From a customer: "We are blown-away with the results"

This is a letter from a recent customer:

"We wanted Armor Glass for the security against "smash-and-grab" burglars in our neighborhood. But, we found the 8 mil. Tinted Security Film also really blocks the heat!  We had our entire house treated with the tinted security film on our inside windows. We have storm windows protecting all windows and we also have a porch over-hang all the way around our home, so we simply could not believe how much heat was coming into our home. It was when I was washing the windows in prep for the installation that I noticed how hot these inside windows were, and I decided to go with the tinted instead of clear Armor Glass. Now, these inside windows are cool to the touch. The tinted security film really cuts the heat 90%.  It’s amazing!

Visitors (that know our home) are commenting (unsolicited) how cool and comfortable our family room is! For 15 years, it has been the hottest room in the house. Now, the whole house is cooler. The AC unit is cycling off for 30 minutes or longer on 100 degree days!  (Our unit has never cycled off during the hottest days of summer). We are blown-away with the results.  

Our advice: It pays to hire the best company for installation.  All of our 55 year-old, loose and leaking window panes are now sealed and secured because of the process of sealing this security film with a “hard-as-nails” bonding to the aluminum frames.  So, we have the security protection we want, and we believe the product will pay for itself with energy savings!

And, we were worried that the tinted security film would darken the home – it doesn't.  It makes looking outside relaxing because of the reduced glare. Colors are richer. We are just very pleased with the results. Plus, we like that the security film is actually glued to the glass, as well as bonded with a hard-as-nails caulk. We like that the company color-matched the caulk to each surface, brown, aluminum, white or black!  The installers were very polite, efficient and professional.

Bottom line: It’s worth hiring the best company in Houston - Armor Glass International.  They have done work for the Pentagon and NASA, so you know their workers have had high security background checks.  They have a great Life-time manufacturer warranty.

We feel secure in our home against burglars and/or plate-glass accidents, and we are more comfortable than ever. Thank you, Michael, Tom and Clint of Armor Glass International! 

THANK YOU KAREN for your feedback...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hawaii Faces Double Trouble Hurricanes - How Hurricanes/Tornadoes Blow A Building Apart

Hawaii hasn't seen a hurricane since 1992, and that hit as a tropical storm. It has never been hit by a hurricane!  This week it faces not one but two double trouble Hurricanes - Iselle and Julio.

Iselle is a CAT 1 storm at the moment. Julio is a CAT 2, both minimum hurricanes at the moment. Again, here is what hurricanes (and tornadoes) do to a structure to destroy it - windborne debris breaks the weakest link of the buildings--its glass windows. Winds enter and produce UPLIFT on the roof, blowing out the walls, just like it did to the house below:

So, before a hurricane or tornado hits, ARMOR your glass (below):

It's not just for hurricanes.

Armor Glass just avoided a CHILD being injured when it ran into this window - and broke the glass! But the child hit our film instead. The broken glass was on the OUTSIDE, with 8 mil of Armor Glass in between...

And it stops BURGLARS, Golf balls, Hail, etc....while saving energy enough to pay for itself.
Finally, see how EASY it is to break through your glass...(using regular window from Home Depot):

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anatomy of a Burglary

This video was taken by a home security system of a break in on July 14, 2014 in Houston.  We have edited it down to less than 2 minutes...

Notice that having cameras viewing burglar suspects does NOT keep them from breaking in - they don't even open the door they broke to avoid setting off an alarm!

Only Armor Glass security film on those glass doors would have made a difference. And covering only a few windows won't cut it - you can't predict which glass entry they will choose.

Check us out today, at

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

See How EASY it is for Burglars to Break Your Glass - Or Walk Through It!

Here are a couple videos from YouTube that show how EASY it is for Burglars to break your glass (unless your have Armor Glass).

 The second one shows how EASY it is for a man to walk through glass! 

Now compare bare glass to glass coated with Armor Glass security film.....

Monday, July 28, 2014

Heads up! Possible BERTHA - first Atlantic storm brewing

HEADS UP! We are seeing the first tropical wave in the Atlantic this season.
Notice that the wave is far enough south that it could come down the "slot" south of Cuba and get into the Gulf of Mexico.

Are you prepared? If not, check out

It's really too late to do anything to protect your biggest asset (house, office) when it becomes a hurricane. Everyone else will be doing the same thing with little time left on the clock...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Children Breaking Glass - Hurricanes Tornadoes and Heat. Video 30 second radio spot

Video of 30 second Radio spot "Children Breaking Glass"...for Armor Glass. No Beyonce in this one.

Friday, July 18, 2014

China Gets Worst Typhoon in over 40 years - SUPER Typhoon 145 mph Winds! We next?

China is being hit with one of the strongest Typhoon's in over 40 years  (we call them Hurricanes in our part of the world.)   It just ravaged the Philippines.  

It is expected to generate 145 mile per hour winds, a CAT 4! China is not the only country in its path.

Are we next?

So far this year the Pacific Ocean has been generating GIANT storms, forty year events, one after another. Last year Indonesia was hit by the largest Typhoon on record. We seem to be getting 100 year storms annually now.

If it is happening in the Pacific, will the Atlantic (and Gulf of Mexico) be next?

Logical reasoning would indicate that bigger storms in the Pacific mean bigger storms coming to our side, sooner or later -- and probably sooner since we have just had the three hottest months on the planet in recorded human history. 

It is Mother Nature's warning for those of us on the other side of the world to prepare for stronger, more violent storms.  This year we are seeing extreme drought in California simultaneously with extreme rain in the east. Texas is having an odd cool, wet summer instead of the normal dry HEAT. In 2011, we had a severe drought that we've not had in decades. 

It's all very strange.  We are now seeing tornadoes in places that have never seen tornadoes, like New York. Weather has become unpredictable and excessive. 

The best advice is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Preparing means armoring the weakest link of your building - your glass. It is so fragile burglars love it and a child can easily break it. 

It is wind-borne debris from hurricanes and tornadoes breaching a window that leads to roof uplift and structural failure. One engineer told this author that winds entering a hole in the window could generate 50,000 lbs of uplift on a roof! Armor Glass is designed to prevent that breach, avoiding the internal pressures that blow out walls at the worst possible time. At the same time it keeps out rain, mold damage and avoids months of reconstruction.

Armor Glass security film is lowest cost option available to protect your house, office or school. Shutters or impact glass costs three to ten times MORE. And unlike impact glass and shutters, Arrmor Glass security films save enough energy to pay for itself over time. It would dramatically cut insurance losses and injuries--as you can see from prior entries in this blog. 

Congress used to give a $1,500 tax credit for installing it, but since homeowners don't have lobbyists they phased them out.  "Armoring windows" across the country would generate thousands of jobs, increase safety in homes and schools, reduce storm damage, while cutting people's electricity costs up to 30% and carbon emissions along with uncomfortable solar heat and dangerous UV. It's a win-win-win. It obviously makes too much sense for Congress to grasp it as a huge benefit for Americans and our pocketbooks.

Get a FREE quote before a CAT 4 or burglar turns up at the door. Don't leave home without it! Don't be home without it!

Our new mini EBook "Houses of Straw..." will be out soon.  It will be FREE.

Click "Follow" to get notice when this insightful book will be available. It has numerous photos showing how this technology protects your family and biggest investment in ways you never knew...

Monday, July 14, 2014

How Armor Glass Kept a Child from Being Hurt After Running into a Window

A child runs into a glass window - and breaks it. This just happened to a client of ours who installed Armor Glass security film last year. What happened?

Above: Result of breaking glass WITHOUT Armor Glass
Result of breaking glass WITH Armor Glass Security Film

The child hit our security film and was OK. Without Armor Glass, the client said the incident would have resulted in serious injuries.

There's more! When the glass guy came out to remove the window to install a new one, our client videotaped the process. He struggled and struggled to get it out of the frame! He tried hitting it with a hammer. No luck. We have asked for a copy of the video and hope to be able to show it soon.

Armor Glass makes all the difference. Don't be home without it. Ask for a Free Quote.
Details at:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Burglars Break Glass - Tie Up Mom and Daughter

KHOU reports a mother and daughter were tied up by burglars.  It reports that the burglars got in "by breaking glass."

In Sugar Land recently one of our clients was home alone. She heard a knock on the front door. She didn't answer it and went to the back bedroom. Suddenly she heard a crash of glass on a back window.

However, because of Armor Glass security film, the burglar didn't get in. That is the difference in these two stories.  Armor your glass from burglars and storms and save energy while doing it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NEW: Tornadoes in NEW YORK! Weather Keeps Getting Weirder - and Threatening New Places

The Governor of New York came on TV today and said: "This is New York. We don't get tornadoes. But now we do. This is the new normal." 

A freak tornado had hit upper New York and leveled a house. Gov. Cuomo is right.

Freak storms and damaging tornadoes are now happening in new places--tornadoes in Maine and New York. CAT 5 hurricanes, the largest storms in the world, hitting countries in the Pacific. It won't be long we will see the same in the Atlantic. It is the "new normal" for weather.

The answer to these threats is the same: ARMOR GLASS security film to "armor your glass" that are the weakest link, easily breached, which leads to these exploded buildings. 

Sign up here or follow for info on the publication of our FREE EBook "Houses of Straw Houses of Wood" coming out soon...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Tropical Storm ARTHUR is Fired UP....BE PREPARED. It's officially Hurricane season

The first ATLANTIC Tropical Storm of 2014 is now OFFICIAL - Tropical Storm ARTHUR.

It fires up the season and should be a wake up call to make sure you are prepared for a big storm - is your home secure from wind-borne debris that can damage it structurally? Do you have an escape plan and supplies? Don't wait until the last minute because that doesn't work....

Stay tuned here for updates, and "Like" our Facebook page...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Critical Component - If it is missing this, the installation will FAIL...

Here is the second test of Armor Glass security film we did on a Houston area school - they wanted to see that an installation WOULD FAIL IF the installer didn't use the recommended attachment to the frame...I guess a negative proof is still proof!

So you will see that as the officer hits the glass eventually the glass detachs from the frame and falls out --with the film still holding the glass in a solid sheet.  But you still end up with an empty frame someone walks through.

If the film was bonded to the frame it stays attached to the steel -- making it extremely difficult for anyone to penetrate (like a shooter, wind-borne debris etc). That difference in strength is demonstrated in THIS video of our test of Armor Glass film WITH Frame Bonding.

States should put film that meets our specs in every school in the entire state! It would save their operating costs on energy (enough to pay for it over time) while it also protects students from both storms and shooters 24/7.  It's a "no brainer" decision. Green and Security combined!

If you watch the Armor Glass videos you will see why.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thieves break in -- by jumping on roof!

Usually we tell clients to put Armor Glass on their first floor windows for burglar protection, and on the second story for hurricane protection. Well....

Here is a news item that shows burglars breaking in through a 2nd floor window after jumping on the roof!

Best bet: Armor ALL your windows!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Client Says Armor Glass Prevented Break in

Today we received an email from a Houston area client who had our film installed in 2010 and apparently someone tried to break in:

"Hi, I had your film installed in 2010.  This morning I had a door window shattered with a hole from a large stone from an attempted break in.  Your film helped contribute to the failure of a break in.  I am having the glass replaced within the next few days and I would like to have film installed again.  The area is approx. 21.5" x 64.5".  Please contact me regarding this.  Thank You.

Wow. It's nice to know that what we do does make a difference in peoples' lives - a break in avoided. There is nothing worse than someone coming into your home and stealing stuff and violating your private space.

Just another example why everyone should have Armor Glass protection on their windows.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Protecting Patients with Dementia Breaking Windows

Of all the uses for Armor Glass security film, I had not counted on this one.

A man called to say he wanted to install our security film on a room where an elderly lady was a patient. She apparently has some dementia and has been breaking the windows every three or four weeks, risking serious injury.

Putting security film on the glass would avoid that - even if the glass was broken. The film would provide a protective barrier between her and the shards. It would also protect little kids who run into glass.

It's amazing the diverse uses of Armor Glass security film...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1 It's NOT Supposed to Be WEIRD Already - But SOMETHING is forming in the GULF

This should NOT be happening. It's been forecast as a "dud" year and even when its not nothing really starts in the hurricane season until August or September...

But the Big Rains Texas just got came from HURRICANE Amanda in the Pacific - a full week before the season officially begins. Now this...

Today is June 1 the official "beginning" of hurricane season which has been dubbed "quiet" by officials. That's when I say "hang on to your seats."

Because everyone knows that "hurricane season" really does kick off until August or later, right? WRONG this year.

SOMETHING is already brewing in the Gulf that may form within the next 2 days. The photo is what it looks like today - just off the Yucatan of Mexico.

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Best thing you can do is "armor your glass" the weakest link of your building. Window blow outs lead to structural failure, not to mention internal damages.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

School Shooters - Glass is the weakest link

We have been getting calls from schools around the country so here is some information about what our technology would do for schools --in more ways than one.

When a shooter approaches a school, locked doors do little good when the entrances are all glass with no protection. Here are a couple of photos of Sandy Hook showing where the shooter entered the building - it was next to the entrance. Why? Because it was easier to walk through.

How do schools protect from shooters (not to mention tornadoes and hurricanes)?
The only practical way is to "armor the glass" to delay a shooters ability to breach the glass - giving time for police to arrive and students to take shelter in a locked room.
Armor Glass security film is anchored to the frame with a special structural sealant that holds it in place even after being struck repeatedly.

If schools used it on all their glass they would also be saving energy and cutting operating costs - enough to pay for the film over time!  They would also be protected during storms throwing wind-borne debris into the glass, such as hurricanes and tornadoes or hail.

Contact us to find out more.


Monday, May 26, 2014


I just got an email giving a Tornado WARNING (meaning they have seen funnel clouds) in Ft. Bend. At the same time Hurricane AMANDA is coming out ahead of hurricane season and is either a CAT 3 or 4 - and its hurling torrents of rain and tornado activity across TEXAS NOW....

If you hear that "roar" sound, get into a ground floor room without windows if you don't have a basement. Put little kids in the bathtub.

If the tornado gets close enough to hurl debris through your windows, there is a chance it will disintegrate the structure, leaving an inside room (hopefully) intact, if you are lucky.

Here is what happens when either a tornado or hurricane breach your window glass. It's basically blowing your house apart. The only thing you can do other than have a basement is window protection for wind-borne debris impact to avoid the breach. it's what we do 24/7.

Here is a illustrated photo that we are putting into a book we are about to publish on surviving these increasingly bigger storms...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scenes from IKE - Damage That Would Have Been Avoided if They Had Armor Glass

Annual hurricane season opens June 1.

Nine out of ten architects and building owners in Texas do not know that window breach by debris during a storm leads to structural failure (of a house especially).

Here are scenes of damage from Hurricane IKE that hit Houston in 2008. ALL of this damage--and months of reconstructions, mold, etc-- would have been avoided if they had used Armor Glass security film to "armor their glass."

It would also prevent break-ins and cut UV damage and reduce solar heat.

Tornadoes do the same thing. Burglars love glass - its so easy to break. They are in and out in less than 3 minutes.

Be prepared. Armor your glass.

Don't be home without it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scenes from Armor Glass - Protecting Your Weakest Link 1.0