Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tomas - 12th Hurricane of the Year - Coming to the Gulf

Surprise, surprise - you thought it was a SLOW season? Not so. We just got our 12th hurricane for the season - TOMAS, and its course looks like it has a good chance of coming down the "slot" and into the Gulf of Mexico in the next week. I've attached a video link to the Weather Channel report as of today.

And did you see the historic storm that hit the Midwest and Northeast last week? It was a record breaker - and its 24 tornadoes and hurricane-force winds blew out windows --which leads to structural blow outs once wind gets inside a building. Buildings are built to resist OUTSIDE wind pressure - but once a window blows and they get in, they out for a way out. The easy way is to go UP and pull your roof off.

We had a customer who is an engineer. He told me that he calculated that one hole in a window generated 50,000 lbs. of UPLIFT on the roof! That sounded like a serious amount of uplift to me!

The 30% tax credit for installing our security film (up to $1,500 of the cost of materials) expires December 31, 2010 - and don't count on a new Congress extending it.

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