Friday, September 17, 2010

Record 3 Hurricanes in Atlantic: NY's 70 mph Storm

We have a record three hurricanes in the Atlantic - an event that has not happened since 1998.

That doesn't include KARL which is about to hit Mexico a second time. In the meantime, New York was hit last night by a violent storm that sheared trees in half and created hurricane force winds.

And our hurricane film was protecting a Chase Bank that was built in 2009 - we installed it on their large glass windows (some over 10' x 13') last October as it was being finished. We were told it was the first time security film had been used on Long Island.

If a tree branch hit any glass, our film would keep it from blowing a hole through it and destroying the interior. It is bonded to the frames with Dow 995, anchoring the film to the frames for maximum support.

Had a burglar tried to break in during the storm, it would also kept their crowbars from penetrating. All he would get is tired from pounding on the glass.

That is why Armor Glass exists - to "Armor Your Glass" with our hurricane/safety film, the same film installed on federal buildings in DC (including the Pentagon) after 9/11 because of its explosion protection.

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