Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LEED Building Comparison with/without Armor Glass

Notice the difference in photos.

The first is a photo of how a LEED building looks after a hurricane -- with Armor Glass security film and attachment installed.

The second is a photo of how a LEED building looks after Hurricane IKE without Armor Glass security film and frame attachment (note the plywood replacing windows which were sucked out during IKE, not even a CAT 2 or above storm).

Notice the difference? The difference is millions of dollars in losses to the building owners and occupants, water damage and months of reconstruction --all could have been avoided using an Energy Star security film from Armor Glass.

Single pane glass, double pane glass and Low E glass: none are breach resistant. Armor Glass security film makes each of them hurricane/tornado/burglar resistant. They also save enough energy to pay for installation.

Armor Glass films are a way to make windows "low E" at a fraction of the cost, while "armoring your glass." Our films are "carbon negative" - it costs less to make them than what they save in energy.

A building loses 40% of its energy through its windows, which are often left unprotected and untouched in most LEED certifications for buildings located in a hurricane or tornado zone.

Armor Glass solar security film generates 1-4 LEED credits. Think of Armor Glass films as LEED Plus!

Which is better - to have a LEED building fighting hurricane force winds with Armor Glass security film, or without?

Ask your insurance company and tenants who lost windows during IKE...

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