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27 August 2011

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Upgrade to 21st Century Technology

Do you still ride a horse to work? Then WHY would use plywood for Hurricane Protection? That’s last century’s technology.

Have you ever tried to lug a heavy plywood board up a ladder to a 2nd or 3rd story? It’s a suicide mission. Can you install plywood on a stucco house? No. Does it make sense on a glass building? No. Does plywood offer any solar heat reduction benefits or burglar protection? No.

It’s the 21st Century. Throw out yesterday’s technology – plywood-- and install hurricane-rated security window film on your glass. It goes on the inside of the glass, so you can put it on your 2nd floor or on the 20th floor of a high rise or on 50-story office buildings.

“Project Safe Windows” study of the 2004 Florida hurricanes found that it is windborne debris breaking a window that leads to roofs blown off due to the internal pressure. Window breaks also cause internal damages from water and flying glass, including mold. The study found that security window film made the difference between a house surviving a hurricane or being destroyed by high winds.

Armor Glass® Hurricane-rated security window film can prevent a breach even if the window is broken. It would have prevented the Chase Tower windows from being sucked out by the vacuum caused by Hurricane IKE.

It works 24/7. It saves energy costs enough to pay for itself. And it prevents break-ins by burglars. It can even protect people from an explosion. It costs a fraction of shutters and impact glass. Same film was installed on the federal buildings of DC after 9/11. Generates 1-4 LEED credits. Cuts UV 99%.

See how it works by viewing the 2 minute video on our website at

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  1. Hi,

    Plywood is a common choice for hurricane shutter materials. It is simply nailed to the outside of windows and doors to protect homes from high hurricane winds. Shutters to fit snugly inside the window or door frame is an efficient and affordable option for homeowners in hurricane zones. Thanks a lot...

  2. Do you still ride a horse to work? No. Plywood is so out-of-date it is ridiculous. It's heavy. Try getting a piece up on a 2nd or 3rd floor without breaking your neck. Will it cut solar heat or stop a burglar when its in your garage? No. Armor Glass security film will...Case closed.


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