Monday, June 15, 2015

Thoughts from a High Rise on the Edge of the Bay as Tropical Storm BILL Comes Our Way...

I have to say -- living next to a lake and bay -- one good thing is that I feel much more secure despite the high winds knowing that my company's polycarbonate security film is "armoring the glass."  Otherwise I'd feel like a sitting duck - glass blowing out means nothing good. 

 I had no idea how vulnerable I was all those years until I was told about the technology and began to study it.It happens because of wind-borne debris strikes, and sometimes just from pure suction as happened to the Chase tower during IKE. 

Not for me. With Tropical Storm BILL bearing down I could not care less. 

I have "armored by glass" the weakest link that leads to structural failure when breached. And I am 4 stories up including the underground parking. If water gets this high there will no longer be a Houston!

The ground-based cars are the only problem in rising water. Now where is my helicopter -- or flying amphibious car to get out of here after the next IKE? 


What happens when glacial melt raises the sea level another 3 feet...? Our car parking spaces will become an underwater boat dock.

We must upgrade our buildings for stronger storms -- Adapt or die folks. 

My advice: Upgrade what you have, where you are, when you can (to paraphrase a Teddy Roosevelt quote I love, "Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are"). 

The Climate has become extreme and is not our friend anymore. We can't survive it in "houses of straw."

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  1. Yes, I am totally agreed with you that it is now tough to survive in houses of straw. I just love this post.


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