Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Let This Happen to You - Home Invasion via Broken Glass Door

Don't let this happen to you. This story in the Houston Chronicle describes how a family hear a glass door break and as many as 10 men rushed in and held them hostage, even pointing guns at an 8 year old.

                             Above: Burglars LOVE Glass - Even a child can break it

                               Above: This glass was hit in Sugar Land by a burglar 
                                when the wife was home alone. He didn't get in, and
                                this was all the damage there was to the window.

We hear about break-ins all the time but this one was particularly violent - and avoidable. Had the glass door - and other ground floor windows - been covered with Armor Glass security film, the entry would not have been so easy.  You see, Armor Glass provides a barrier to broken glass - it would have delayed entry, giving the homeowner time to call and 911 and grab a gun. That's time you don't get with regular glass. It is easily blown out of the frame with a single kick or brick.  The bad guys are then inside before a homeowner can react.

This happened to an Armor Glass client within the past year - a wife home alone when she heard a knock on the front door. She didn't answer it and went back to a bedroom. Suddenly she heard a crash on the glass in the back - it was someone trying to break in! But he didn't get in and she was not faced with being "home alone" with a burglar.

Another customer is a hair stylist chain - after they had broken into 3 times they called us for our Armor Glass security film.  Schools are calling too.

Check out Armor Glass today.  Read our free EBook "Houses of Straw" and ask us for a free quote.

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