Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tornado Hits Milan Italy - They Have Never Seen One

Our climate continues to get more WEIRD by the day. A TORNADO hit Milan Italy (its in northern Italy) - They have NEVER seen one before~!  Here is a link to the strange phenomenon.

Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes - the swirling winds hurls debris through the air. That debris breaks windows - the weakest link - causing internal damages. If it hits a house the air rushing in the broken window produces UPLIFT on the roof - over 50,000 lbs of force. It basically blows the structure apart.

Stay tuned. Armor your Glass - you never know when you'll need the protection from Mother Nature, or from human intrusion.  Our competitors are selling 4 mil - HALF as thick as our 8 Mil. Some don't even put frame bonding on tempered glass - so the glass WILL fall out of the frame when struck.

If you think you are "saving money" buying cheap substitutes, think again. It's your family's security at risk.

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