Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PLYWOOD - As last century as riding a horse to work..

Excerpt from upcoming Armor Glass book...

How about Plywood? The “poor man’s shutters”….

Do you still ride a horse to work? Plywood is as out of date as horses are for our primary transportation.  Plywood is so last century yet “experts” continue to call for its use – despite the fact it is as handy to put in place as lifting an elephant. I think this happens because so few people, including experts, know that security film exists.  We intend to change that.

When plywood is not in use covering a window, it is taking up space in your garage and attracting insects—or becoming part of your next woodworking project.  If a 24-hour storm pops up or you are out of town, then it is useless. Many people don’t want to put-it-up, take-it-down for each storm scare. So often, they just do without it and “hope for the best.”

Much like hurricane-panel shutters, plywood can be dangerous to install at upper floor levels if a person installing the plywood is using a ladder and the plywood catches wind. Ever try to lift plywood at a hardware store? It’s HEAVY! And bulky. Getting it installed is not a one person job...

Keep in mind that neither shutters nor plywood cut solar heat or save energy. Security film does. Neither shutters nor plywood reduces harmful UV rays when not in place. Neither pays for itself over time. Neither shutters nor plywood are “carbon negative” as security film is. Security film is applied once and works 24/7, eliminating the need to make the risk of climbing a ladder to hang heavy plywood on a second floor window in a high wind. One slip and you can end up on the next county, or in the hospital.

Once while my crew was installing our security film for a retired manager for the International Space Station who lives in Clear Lake, the man told me an interesting story. A hurricane was approaching so he was trying to get a heavy piece of plywood up a ladder to a second story window. Somehow a gust of wind caused him to drop it. It landed right on a sprinkler head, instantly producing a thirty foot gusher of water. Now he had two problems.  I told him that would make a great commercial! His reply: “It wasn’t very funny at the time.” 

Bottom line: FORGET the Plywood. Armor Your Glass time installation. No plywood up-down-up, no storage issues or death-defying installation required...Free quote.

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