Saturday, March 10, 2012

Armoring the Private Castles of Those Who Serve Us in our Armed Forces

Today we armored the house of a military officer who was one of the few worldly intelligent people I have met lately. No flies on anyone else, but he speaks Chinese and spent time in places like Japan, Europe, etc. so he actually KNOWS things other than the usual person I meet who may be the best businessman, teacher or astronaut, but few people have the world knowledge of someone like this.

For me, it was a fascinating conversation. This wonderful business that both saves people energy costs and protects their family has given me the unique and appreciated opportunity of talking to some remarkable people, like the retired International Space Station executive who told me about dropping heavy plywood on his sprinkler one year as he tried to get it on his second floor as a hurricane approached - as we are installing our Armor Glass Security film in his house. Today it was all about BURGLARY protection. And Solar Heat relief.

Now another one of America's finest has Armor glass protection and can do his duty knowing his castle is much more secure...but not only his castle more secure, but so is the castles, small medium and large of of a lot of regular folks we respond to every is still the least costly alternative...

A quote is FREE. What is your family's security worth?

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