Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tornado Hits Near Kingwood School

Yesterday a small tornado touched down near a Kingwood (Houston) school. Students were moved to an interior space. What if the tornado had hit before they were moved?

This is another case where our security film on their glass would have provided protection schools don't have today. We bond the film to the frames so that windborne debris being hurled by the tornado would have It would have kept glass shrapnel from causing injury or death.

Not to mention that the tint version of our security film would have cut the schools energy bill and operating costs, enough to pay for itself over time.


  1. I know what film your talking about, and I've seen storms send things through those windows with that film on them, you have to be more specific on what type of items it could possibly protect you from and upto what speed the velocity ( wind speeds )of the items being thrown by the winds. Otherwise your claims are misleading.

  2. You probably have seen windows breached that had cheap solar film on them - or a non-certified security film. Our film has been independently lab tested to GSA 3a/3b explosion and ASTM 1996 Large Missile (4.5 lb Level C). It is the same film put on the pentagon after 9/11 - so its not your ordinary crap that others are selling...Thanks for the feedback!


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