Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Clouds Watching Spinning Wheels...

Today I found myself in the clouds, watching spinning wheels. On the top of a Houston skysraper we went through a maze, a prestigious law office, ladders, a steel door - and the top cooling tower machines that keep a modern building alive in the 21st century.

And there were no windows, just the rush of air flowing by, at the very top.

It was a scene from another planet, but it was all too real in downtown Houston. If these machines malfunction, the building dies.

The scene was so fascinating. Alice in Wonderland is not much better. One small ladder led to a wood door, which led to another small wood door, one after another. And in each room, above us a giant spinning wheel spun furiously, rushing the wind past us. Below us, shallow water swirled. When I looked up, the sky was spitting water on us, like an errant sprinkler, as we got our first kiss of rain in months from fickle skies. I wondered what a full thunderstorm would feel, pounding the place where I was standing, next to giant machines doing mysterious things.

That was what I did today. It was fascinating, even when it required climbing ladders straight up into the next level of Alice in Wonderland...

Life just keeps getting more interesting. Never would I thought I'd spend a day in the clouds, watching spinning wheels keep thousands of people below comfortable in their artificial world...

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