Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vote for the Slogan You Like Best?

We would like your vote for your favorite slogan for Armor Glass among the following choices:

“Save Your Cash with Armor Glass

“Don’t Be Harassed, Use Armor Glass

“Don’t Take a Pass on Armor Glass

“Never Fear Armor Glass™ is Here

“Hunker Down with Armor Glass

“You Won’t Get Smashed with Armor Glass

“Getting Hammered with Armor Glass Will Get You Nowhere”

“Protect Your Asp With Armor Glass!”

"Don't Get Hammered Without Armor Glass"

"Never Fear, Armor Glass is Here"

If you have a better one, we'd like to hear it! Either submit a comment with your choice (first choice, second choice) or email us at:

1 comment:

  1. Best: You won't get smashed with Armor Glass

    Least liked: Protect your lass with Armor Glass
    Getting hammered with Armor Glass will get you nowhere


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